Hover-1 - Switch Electric Skateboard/Scooter w/6 mi Max Operating Range & 9 mph Max Speed - Black

So, you've never ridden an electric skateboard before? Great! Here's what you need to know: Riding a Hover-1 is easy. Just lean forward with your weight on the front wheels to accelerate. Return back to this position while standing firmly with your feet flat for brake, steering, and turning control. And voila! You're ready for everything from cutting in line at Disneyland or saving time commuting on morning gridlock traffic.
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The Hover-1 modernizes the electric scooter and skateboard designs into one seamless product. Powered by a convenient lithium-ion battery, you can reach speeds up to 7 mph as a skateboard or 9 mph as an electric scooter. Hover-1 recaptures all the functionality of both personal mobility devices yet arrives with hardly any weight at 25 lbs. The board includes a powerful lock and release construction design that makes it easy for riders to remove their feet from the device without being supported. Moderate speed limits (7 miles per hour when not in city areas) allow for safe use within crowded metropolitan experiences, so go have fun!

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