Merchants & Retailers

If you're looking to reach hundreds of thousands shoppers each month with your marketing campaigns, then look no further than RTBShopper.

Add Passive Sales

It's easy to add passive sales by uploading your products on RTBShopper. All you have do is provide a few details about the ad formats that will be used and we'll take care of everything else! Don't worry if it seems complicated - our experts are always here for any questions or concerns during this process so just ask away anytime day/night (or week).

Boost Sales With Featured Placements

The best way to boost sales is by advertising your inventory on RTBShopper. You can buy thousands of impressions at the top of a category for a discounted rate, which will increase ROI for you!

Simple Process

We make adding your product feed simple and straightforward. You send us your feed and your products simply show up on our site, ready for purchase. Isn't it great when things are so easy?

Paid Placement Options

Maximize the number of potential customers you reach!

Paid Placements

We want you to reach as many people with your products. With paid placements, your products will be featured to thousands of customers per day!

Email Marketing

We can promote your products to our email list of more than 100,000 customers!

Financing Partners

We are always on the lookout for new financing and lease-to own partners.

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