Bose - Sub1 powered bass module - Black

The Bose - Sub1 powered bass module is a set of lightweight, portable subwoofers that conveniently combine with any PA system. It provides low-end down to the 40 Hz range, and best of all it does so in a smaller size for compatibility with the L1 Pro32. The versatility of this product will astound you because its ready to be configured with whatever equipment you prefer! In addition, the modular devices are incredibly easy to transport which makes them perfect for gigs. Oftentimes at live concerts, there isn't enough room on stage or near speaker stacks to provide adequate low-frequency reproduction. That's where these modular pieces come into play and do their job perfectly.
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A powered, portable bass module, the Sub1 subwoofer combines with virtually any portable PA and delivers low-end performance down to 40 Hz. Its unique 7” × 13” high-excursion RaceTrack driver allows for an ultra-slim enclosure, delivering performance that rivals a traditional 12” woofer without the cumbersome size, freeing up room in your vehicle and on the stage. Compared to the Sub2 subwoofer, Sub1 is the more compact subwoofer option for the Bose L1 Pro32 system, combining seamlessly via single-cable SubMatch connectivity. You can stack multiple Sub1 subwoofers for even more low end — or to unleash Cardioid Mode for directional bass. With a Sub1, you get a subwoofer that goes virtually anywhere and effortlessly fills out your sound.

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