Work At-Home Equipment Essentials

By Joan Sheenan
March 17, 2020

While toilet paper might be a necessity for daily functioning, there are some other essential items to stock up on so you can work from home effectively.  There have been a large amount of new orders flowing in with high demands for devices to help people work from home. Think of new MacBook laptop computers, video conferencing tools like webcams, tv monitors, office chairs and wireless keyboards. 

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Recently there have been a large number of companies urging their employees to work from home, in light of recent news reports of coronavirus outbreaks.  With the recent coronavirus outbreaks, many companies are starting to roll out contingency plans. An increasing number of companies around the globe have begun telling their employees to work from home if they can.  Work from home or WFH is often difficult without the necessary tools or resources to work effectively. 

Make a Plan to Work From Home

Although you might be relieved about working from home, you need to make sure you plan your day to stay organized and work hard.  Instead of working from your couch in front of the television, be sure to set up a workspace for yourself with natural lighting and comfortable seating arrangements. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, make sure you have your favorite mug ready with a fresh cup to fuel your morning.  Rather than dreading work, you can make your WFH week more enjoyable with these small perks for yourself.  

Work From Home Supplies Needed 

Many people struggle to make a WFH plan for themselves due to a lack of technology and resources needed to do their job effectively.  Make sure you have a computer with reliable internet connection. Tablets, scanners, printers, wireless keyboards and mobile phones are all helpful supplies to have accessible when working from home.  The problem many people have been facing are the high costs of expensive devices with limited inventory. RTBShopper has helped thousands of people get laptops on finance, TVs on finance and has a wide variety of different wireless keyboards, webcams and scanners too.  

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Best Work From Home Laptops

Laptop computers have completely changed the way we work on a daily basis.  The mobile devices give you the ability to work from anywhere in the world and connect to the web as long as you have wireless internet.  The downside to laptop computers is that they are expensive and it’s hard to find the right model you need when you’re shopping. It is important to evaluate screen sizes, operating systems, memory storage and battery life when you are deciding which laptop you want. If you are unsure about what kind of laptop is best for you, here are some of the best laptops to help you work from home. 

MacBook Pro Laptops 

MacBook laptops made by Apple computers are some of the most popular computers in the world.  They are lightweight and powerful devices that are used for thousands of different applications. MacBook laptops are highly sought after and are expensive to buy out of pocket.  With helpful MacBook laptop financing plans, provides a quick and easy way to get a MacBook laptop with low payment plans. MacBook lease financing payment plans don’t require a credit check and offer same day in-store pick up from a nearby BestBuy partner.

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Microsoft Surface Book

The Microsoft Surface Book is a dynamic device that can be used as a laptop computer or a tablet.  The Surface Book is a great device to get if you are working from home because it allows you to use it in so many different ways.  The sleek device is just as powerful as a computer with Microsoft producing one of the most advanced devices to date. offers rent to buy laptops for Microsoft Surface Book with low payments and no credit check needed.  You can lease the Microsoft Surface Book and get approved within minutes. 

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Lenovo Laptops

If you are not a fan of Apple computers and prefer a more compatible laptop like a Lenovo workbook, you are in luck.  Lenovo laptops are more affordable and great devices for you to work from home. If you are searching to lease Lenovo laptops, we have a wide range of options that you can choose from.  You can pick up your order from a local BestBuy near you to get your new Lenovo laptop on finance the same day you order.  

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Other Work From Home Technology

Lenovo also has a wide variety of webcams that are great for working at home.  Lenovo offers new all-in-one technology to help you video conference with colleagues and get the job done efficiently.  

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Another important tool to have while working from home is a scanner and printer.  There are many different options you can choose from, but one of the most popular choice is the Epson three-in-one device.  The Epson Workforce Pro allows you to scan, print and fax important documents to anyone in the world.  

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In addition to many different computing devices, we also have a large variety of freezers, refrigerators and other kitchen appliances you might need.  Working from home is one thing, but outfitting your house with the right equipment is the most important thing you can do to prepare yourself for any circumstance.  With helpful business supply financing plans, our financing is affordable for you to get yourself setup quickly.  

Getting Comfortable Working From Home 

Many people are uncertain about working from home due to a lack of resources or the idea of being alone for an entire work day.  The benefit of new laptops is that they are designed to have video conferencing capabilities to allow you to communicate in real time with anyone.  You are able to use instant messaging apps, video conferencing, email and interactive tools to communicate with people around the world. 

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