The Alternative to Layaway

By Joan Sheenan
March 02, 2020

Are you struggling with your finances? Do you have trouble saving money each month? 

These are common problems many people face when they are trying to save up for an expensive purchase.  Layaway financing has always been heavily relied on by consumers, but that does not really solve the problem.

Problems with Layaway

If you decide to enroll in a layaway program, you will be making regular payments for several months before you get the products you need.  There have been many different stories of people making regular payments on a layaway product in hope to one-day bring home their desired product.  Unfortunately, some retailers put restrictions on different products based on their popularity and demand. 

In one case, two parents put down a deposit on a layaway plan for a new video game for their child during Christmas time.  Although the two parents continued to make their payments, they did not get to bring home the video game.  Eventually when they went to pick up their new gaming console, the store put a hold on the product because they were sold out until after the holidays.  The two parents were forced to make payments for several weeks leading up to the holiday and were heartbroken when they had to tell their child that they were sold out of the video game. 

Rather than enrolling in layaway programs, many Amercians are opting to shop on to get lease financing on electronics and home appliances.  Our wide variety of selection offers the most popular technology brands with helpful lease financing plans.   The financing plans continue to grow in popularity.  

Nintendo Switch on Finance

Instead of putting down a deposit and paying monthly payments towards layaway plans, people are choosing the more favorable lease financing options offered by 

More About

If you are unfamiliar with RTBShopper, here's a bit more background.  Americans with bad credit who are in a financial bind are now able to get the products they need, fast. With low payments and same day in-store pickup, we give consumers a new way to get the products they need quickly.

Do you need to make a big purchase but have bad credit?

You’re in luck. can help you get a lease on electronics or appliances on finance with bad credit and low payments.  Rather than spending your entire paycheck on a new laptop computer, you are better off leasing your new device.

Bad credit is a common problem and many banks will not lend you money if you have poor marks on your credit report.  Many people are ridiculed for bad credit with little to know options for financing.  RTBShopper believes in working with the consumer to find a lease financing plan to fit each type of lifestyle. 

Quick Easy Pay Financing

With, you can apply online, get approved within minutes and buy a brand new laptop computer or new TV on finance with little money down. allows you to pick up your new product from any local BestBuy retailer with same day in-store pick up as well. 

Unsure if you would qualify? Don’t doubt yourself just yet. 

We have helped hundreds of different people in different occupations.  From nurses and truck drivers to technology developers and general contractors; can help. 

Many different web developers and internet entrepreneurs rely on to get them started with MacBooks on finance.  Their MacBook lease plans are great to kick start any project.  With no credit check needed, the checkout process is seamless and can be done within a few minutes. 

Rent to Own MacBook Financing

There are some restrictions to the program. In order to get instant financing on electronics, you are required to be 18 years or older with a valid U.S. ID, a social security number, a valid form of payment, an email address and phone number. has customer service representatives happily ready to assist consumers in their checkout process via email chat support or phone.

Favorite Technology Brands

Searching for something specific? can help.  We have the largest selection of electronic brands made by the most innovative companies in the world. offers rent to buy financing plans for expensive electronics like Apple MacBook laptops, Samsung TVs and the Nintendo Switch. 

Samsung TV on Finance - Bad Credit OK

Not satisfied with the Nintendo Switch? You can also find Xbox One and PS4 financing plans.  Are you not interested in an Apple MacBook and prefer a Windows computer? You can also find other laptop brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell and Samsung computers on finance. 

Getting Started

If you are interested in enrolling in a lease financing plan, you can visit our website to learn more.  Applying is easy by entering your name, email and phone number to get the process started.  You will be sent a text message to verify your identity and take the next steps towards getting approved.  You can get approved for up to $5,000 in shopping credit to use however you need.  If you need to replace a household appliance like a dishwasher or refrigerator, you can find some of the best brands available like LG, Samsung or Whirlpool.  If you need a new electronic like a TV or computer, you can shop brands Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. 

Rent to Own Laptops - Lenovo Financing Plans

Steps to Get Lease Financing

  1. Visit and search for your favorite products.
  2. Apply online using your name, email address and phone number. (Must be above the age of 18 years old)
  3. Verify your identity with a text message verification.
  4. Get approved for up to $5,000 in shopping credit.
  5. Finish your checkout process and schedule your pickup at any BestBuy branch located within the United States.
  6. Pick up your product, make your monthly payments and enjoy your brand new device from your favorite brand.

If you want to learn more, you can visit our website or watch this video to give you a better idea about how easy it is to get lease financing on

Lease to Own Xbox One Financing