Stay Cool This Summer: Get Air Conditioner Financing, Even With Bad Credit

By Joan Sheenan
April 29, 2021

Reasons to Apply Today: There are many reasons why you should apply today to finance your new AC unit from us! We have amazing customer support and flexible payment plans for even those who would typically struggle more when applying elsewhere (because of poor credit). Our online application is easy to fill out and will take less than five minutes of your time. Click here to start your easy application now!

Rent to own Royal Sovereign - 24,000 BTU Mini-Split Air Conditioner - White
Ductless Air Conditioner Financing 

Finding a reliable air conditioner unit for the hot days are so important. The last thing you want on a ninety degree summer day is for your air conditioner unit to break down on you. You will regret not buying a new air conditioner in advance to prevent this.

Rent to own LG - 440 Sq. Ft. Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner and 440 Sq. Ft. Heater - White
Lease Finance Air Conditioner No Credit Check

You deserve to have a comfortable home and save on energy costs. Our air conditioners are powerful, reliable, easy-to-install units that will keep you cool for the rest of summer this year. We offer financing options so you can get your new unit right away! Apply online today or call us to speak with our knowledgeable associates who would be happy to help answer any questions about ACs or discuss how we make it possible for people with bad credit scores (or individuals without credit) to finance their purchase. We want everyone's home to feel like an oasis from the heat outside no matter what their income level is.

Rent to own GE - 450 Sq. Ft. Smart Portable Air Conditioner - White
Air Conditioner Financing Plans

You can choose from a window air conditioner, a portable free-standing air conditioner or a ductless air conditioner - we have any option necessary for your living situation. All of our units come with rent to own financing that make your payments more manageable for your pay cycle.

Rent to own Whynter - 500 Sq. Ft. Portable Air Conditioner - Platinum/Black
Rent To Own Air Conditioner No Credit Check

Don't let the heat make you miserable this summer - get an air conditioner and start living comfortably again! We can help you find one that's just right for your home, even if it means getting financing to cover the cost so we'll work with any budget. Call us today or fill out our online application form and then select a store near you to pick up your new AC unit.

Rent to own GE - 700 Sq. Ft. 14,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner - White
Bad Credit AC Financing 

Stay cool this summer with an air conditioner! We have rent to own financing so you can get a unit that fits your budget. Call today or fill out our online application and we'll help find the perfect AC for your home, from window units to ductless cooling systems.