RTBShopper partners with Credova to Offer Additional Financing Options

November 18, 2021

RTBShopper, an online buy now pay later retailer, has partnered with Credova so that customers can have access to additional buy now pay later financing options. With the new financing option, an approved customer can choose to buy now and pay later for up to 3 months of interest free payments when buying electronics, furniture, appliances and more through their online website at

Through a simple and easy application process, customers may be approved for up to $5,000 without hard credit inquiries, hidden fees, or any impact to their credit. This is in addition to any other payment methods that are currently available, so customers can choose which lender they want to apply with at checkout.

Credova is a company that helps customers make four easy interest free payments over time instead of purchasing big items upfront. Since there are no hard credit inquiries while getting approved, even people with poor credit histories can start financing and payoff items in 3 months with zero interest.

All you need to do is shop for your products, add them to your cart, get approved, and then start paying off your items over time! It's simple and it can make a big difference in how you shop.

An Alternative Payment Method to Paying Upfront

RTBShopper is a leader in rent to own electronics and they carry a wide selection of products for customers to choose from. They offer helpful payment plans for top brands so everyone can find something that they want.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Credova because we know they’ll provide our customers with the best leasing and payment options available,” said Tony C, Chief Operating Officer at “Credova allows consumers to split their purchase and offers financing approvals in seconds; this agreement will help us to provide flexible payment options from a company everyone knows and can trust.”

These new payment plans with Credova allow you to choose when you would like to make your purchase without having any negative impact on your credit score! All you have to do is make your first payment at the time of signature and pay the rest of your purchase over time! 

Buy Now Pay Later With Monthly Payments

Buy now pay later financing options are available during checkout for all orders over $200 at Customers who take advantage of the easy process with Credova will have up to three months of interest free payments once their order is placed and delivered! 

Better yet, customers will soon be able to split the cost of purchases into four monthly payments that fit perfectly into their budget with no hidden fees or surprises at the end of the month like some similar programs offer. Getting approved to purchase products has never been easier with RTBShopper's easy approval process so you can shop now and find a payment option that works for your pay day and budget.

This new payment method from Credova Financial is more accessible than traditional retail store options that require you have good credit to qualify. This program also allows consumers who have debts or bad credit associated with their name or social security number to still take advantage of an affordable payment plan while maintaining better credit.

About Credova

Credova is a financial services company that revolutionizes the credit industry. Credova’s innovative buy now, pay later product provides consumers with financing for items they want or need today and removes the hassle of waiting for a paycheck to come in. With no upfront fees, no pre-payment penalties and easy monthly payments, customers can purchase what they want when they want it without breaking their budget.

About RTBShopper is America's #1 lease to own store for electronics, furniture, appliances, and more! We offer the best payment plans available with a quick and easy process! RTBShopper has made it possible for thousands of people with bad credit or no credit to enjoy quality products with an affordable payment plan.