How To Get a TV on Finance With Bad Credit

By Joan Sheenan
January 06, 2021

Televisions are always coming out with the latest models with upgraded technology and new innovations that make your entertainment experience amazing.  TV financing plans are the best way for you to get that new television you have been looking at buying.  If you are struggling with bad credit, don't worry.  We have plenty of options that can be made available for you.  TV streaming is becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular industries.  Personal preference on what to watch on telvision can range from any platform these days.  Between Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV, and many more options, it's important for you to find a TV that offers any streaming app that you want at any time.  

How To Get a TV on Finance With Bad Credit

We're very understanding with bad credit and don't want that to restrict you from getting what you want when you want it. Our TV on finance pay plans are designed to fit your budget with low monthly payments that make things more managable for you and your finances.  TV financing can be easy with our instant approval process.  Our television options include some of the best TV brands on the market.  Samsung, LG, Toshiba, TCL, Sony and more.  You can pick from one of the largest inventories and schedule an in-store pick up at a local Best Buy near you.  

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How Lease-to-Own TV Financing Works

If you're curious about how lease to own TV financing works, it's pretty simple.  Rather than paying for your new television in full price out of pocket, you can break up your large purcahse into smaller, more managable payments spread out over time.  Lease-to-own TV financing is a popular option for people who recently moved and can't afford to outfit their new apartment with all cash.  And compared to layaway, lease-to-own financing is a much better choice.  With Lease-to-Own TV financing, you can simply apply for up to $5,000 in shopping credit with no credit check.  Once you find out if you are approved and for how much, you can shop for any TV finance plan we have.  

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Getting a TV on finance with bad credit is easy with

Getting a new TV on finance is easy with  We have one of the fastest approval processes and offer same day in-store pick up for any item you choose, as long as we have it in stock.  If you are not sure about what kind of television is best for you, we have dedicated representatives that can help find the right choice for you.  You can find almost any program available on TV these days with streaming different apps.  I love binge watching new shows and digging into the background stories on different characters.  HBO, Showtime, Netflix, they all have a handful of amazing shows that keep me glued to the TV! Upgrade your experience with a new TV on finance and start enjoying new shows in your house today! 

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Get a TV on finance with no credit check today!

Don't wait! Apply today to get approved for instant TV financing with pay later plans and small monthly payments that work for your lifestyle.