Designing the Best Home Theater Experience

By Joan Sheenan
August 19, 2020

Home theaters are a thing of pride for many people.  Between 4K HD televisions, surround sound speaker systems and video game consoles. home theater systems have unfolded to be one of the biggest investments a person can make for their household.  Home theaters can include premium audio and visual performance that gives your guests the best experiences. 

Designing the Best Home Theater

When you are putting together the pieces to build the best home theater, you should make sure you pick a good layout in your house for the best viewing experience.  The size of your living room, couches and the wall that your TV will hang on will on play a role in things to consider. 

Finding the Best TV for Your Home Theater

Although there are many different TV brands you can choose from, some of the most popular brands continue to be Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic.  Depending on your budget and desired TV size, you can find great options for your new home theater.  It is smart to consider buying a new TV with streaming capabilities and Wifi compatibility. 

Choosing the Right Surround Sound 

Home theater systems depend on finding the perfect surround sound.  Bose has traditionally been one of the best surround sound speaker makers.  Their audio quality is top notch along with the sleek designs of their products.  

Sonos has become one of the most popular surround sound speaker providers over the past few years.  Their smart products have found their way into homes all over the world and begun to overtake maketshare in the home theater industry.  

Video Games for Home Theater 

Any video game you choose would be a great fit for your new home theater.  Thankfully, the major video game consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation4 all come with a powerful punch.  All 3 systems have live gaming experiences that let you play interactive games with your friends from all across the world.  Video games have continued to grow each year as esports grow in popularity. 

How to Finance Home Theater Essentials  

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Applying for Instant Financing

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Getting Your Financing

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